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To manufacture our products, we use raw materials of the highest quality, and we have all the necessary and required approvals to supply to all international markets.

Great passion for aesthetics, premium quality, performance, functionality of the product, its packaging, etc. They occupy most of our attention, and it is one of the main features that differentiate us from other competitors.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to focus and offer a wide assortment of products adapted for our clients.

Filter Cigarette Tubes
Filter Cigarette Tips
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Empty cigarette tubes *are perfect for rolling your own smokes in. Experience the choice and freedom that comes with making your own cigarettes. You get to choose the brand of the cigarette tube, the brand of cigarette machine, and the brand of inyector machine.You can save a lot of money if you roll your own cigarettes.You can use your favourite tobacco brand This is why using cigarette tubes is so easy! To produce high quality tubes which can be easily processed by our customers, our employees continuously control the quality with regards to filter length, diameter and bonding strength. Our cigarette tubes are tested for their quality. The results of these tests are recorded. Once the tubes are manufactured, they are automatically packed in display boxes.

Filter cigarette tips *are perfect for rolling your own cigarette using our high quality product with a perfect specification the production is totally automatic and we control each step of the production process We pack our filter tips in different types of bags. You can enjoy rolling your cigarette especially made for your taste!


something new

We are a modern, evolutive and committed manufacturer that manufactures cigarette tubes filter tips for rolling cigarettes.
With the capacity to produce a wide variety and formats. We are a committed, modern and evolving company that manufactures cigarette tubes and rolling filters in different types and formats.
We achieve the best and most efficient results in empty cigarettes to tube on the market, and filters to roll made of acetate and 100% biodegradable paper, generating high value and trust in our customers.

We are starting to use eco-friendly packaging
Helping the environment is simply one benefit of using eco-friendly no plastic products.

Ask for our new biodegradable bags.

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